Discontinuation of ‘The Idol’: A Closer Look at HBO’s Decision and Controversies

Yes, it is true that HBO has cancelled The Idol, the series co-created by and starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp, after just one season. The show, which premiered on June 4, 2023, had faced multiple controversies and negative reviews, as well as creative differences between the original director, Amy Seimetz, and the co-creators, Sam Levinson, The Weeknd and Reza Fahim.

The Idol followed the story of Jocelyn (Depp), a pop star who falls in love with Tedros (The Weeknd), a nightclub owner and cult leader. The show was described as a “music-industry drama” that explored the dark side of fame and power. However, many critics and viewers found the show to be “kinky yet empty”, lacking substance and depth in its characters and plot.

HBO announced the cancellation of The Idol on Monday, August 29, 2023, stating that the show did not meet their standards and expectations. The network did not provide any details on whether the show would be available for streaming or DVD release in the future.

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