UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Endorses India as the Right Host for G20 Summit

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has expressed his enthusiasm and support for India hosting the G20 Summit, highlighting the significance of this global event. He mentioned that India is the right country at the right time to host the summit, and he anticipates fruitful deliberations and decisions during the event.

Furthermore, Sunak emphasized the importance of a comprehensive and ambitious trade deal between India and the UK. Both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and he are keen to see such a trade agreement materialize, recognizing that trade deals require time and must be mutually beneficial.

Sunak also addressed concerns about pro-Khalistan elements in the United Kingdom, firmly stating that no form of extremism or violence is acceptable in the UK. He highlighted the collaboration between the UK and the Indian government in tackling Pro-Khalistan Extremism, including the sharing of intelligence and information to combat violent extremism.

Regarding his relationship with Prime Minister Modi, Sunak expressed his enormous respect for Modi and their shared ambition to conclude a trade deal that benefits both countries. He affirmed his support for Prime Minister Modi in ensuring the success of the G20 Summit in India.

Additionally, Sunak acknowledged India’s commitment to international rule of law, the UN Charter, and respect for territorial integrity. He stated that these values are universal and shared by both India and the UK.

As the first British Prime Minister of Hindu origin, Sunak also discussed his faith and expressed pride in his Hindu heritage. He mentioned his intention to visit a Mandir during his stay in India and highlighted the importance of faith in providing resilience and strength, especially in demanding roles like his.

Finally, Sunak expressed the personal significance of his visit to India, a country he holds dear due to his family’s roots. He aims to strengthen the ties between the UK and India and contribute to the success of the G20 Summit in India.

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