Why Netflix Keeps Cancelling Your Favourite Shows: Unravelling the Mystery

Discover the reasons behind Netflix’s frequent show cancellations, from audience metrics to business strategies, and stay informed with Ready Steady Cut’s industry insights.


It’s a scenario that’s all too familiar: you eagerly await the next season of your favorite show on Netflix, only to be hit with the heartbreaking news that it’s been canceled. This seems to be a recurring theme across streaming services, but Netflix, in particular, has gained a reputation for it. Some fans have even taken the drastic step of canceling their subscriptions in protest.

While these cancellations may appear random, there are underlying reasons why Netflix pulls the plug on popular shows after just a few seasons. Let’s delve into the full story behind Netflix’s show cancellations.

Audience Metrics:

The primary reason behind Netflix’s show cancellations seems to be audience metrics. Unlike traditional TV, Netflix has a detailed view of user behaviour. While a show may seem popular due to a massive online presence, things may not be as they appear.

Netflix reportedly places significant emphasis on the “completion rate” of a show when deciding its fate. This rate reflects the percentage of viewers who start watching a show and actually finish it. It’s not just about attracting a big initial viewership; it’s about keeping viewers engaged until the end.

While a show might seem popular online, this popularity can sometimes be inflated by a small but dedicated fanbase. Netflix’s primary goal is to retain subscribers, so if most people aren’t finishing a show, it may not be worth renewing in their eyes.


The past few years have witnessed rising costs across all industries, including TV and film production. Given the already expensive nature of this industry, finances inevitably play a role in Netflix’s cancellation decisions.

For shows with high production costs, Netflix may consider the completion rate to determine if the investment is justified. Even if a show has a devoted fanbase, if it’s a smaller audience, it could end up on Netflix’s list of canceled shows.

Business Strategy:

To maximize subscriber numbers, Netflix aims to appeal to fans of various genres, from comedy and romance to sci-fi and horror. However, if certain genres become oversaturated or if a rival streaming service dominates a particular genre, Netflix may reconsider its offerings.

In essence, Netflix adjusts its content to maintain a diverse and enticing catalogue, even if it means cancelling shows that might have niche but dedicated followings.

Netflix Cancelled Shows in 2023:

In 2023, Netflix has already canceled several shows, leaving fans disappointed. The list includes “1899,” “Inside Job,” and “The Chair.” Unfortunately, there’s no sign of another season for these shows.

Other shows, including “Agent Elvis,” “Master of None,” and “Super Crooks,” are reportedly at risk of being canceled by Netflix’s top executives. In theory, any show could face cancellation if it doesn’t meet the platform’s standards.

Why Netflix Canceled “1899”?:

Rumors suggest that “1899” faced cancellation due to a low completion rate. It appears that only around 30% of viewers who started watching the show actually finished it, leading Netflix to conclude that it wasn’t worth further investment.

Why Netflix Canceled “Fate of the Winx Saga”?:

While the official reason wasn’t disclosed, it’s likely that “Fate of the Winx Saga” faced cancellation due to lower-than-expected viewer numbers and a potentially low completion rate. The show also reportedly had a relatively high budget for special effects, making its continuation challenging without sufficient dedicated fans.

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